inspirational word memories

often inspiration arises through words and sight. we hear something that touches deeply. we view a photo or landscape where an awe-inspiring moment fills us with a sense of wonder and joy.

inspirational word memories may be imprinted within our minds. giving rise to these words can carry an energetic force of blessing to an open heart.

remembering milarepa’s words today:

“your own body is a sanctuary and celestial mansion.”

“in the monastery of your heart and body you have a temple where all buddhas unite.”

“the very basis of his [marpa’s] teaching is that this meditation be practiced in solitude.”

“for a life that leads to enlightenment is more precious than a billion worlds filled with gold.”

“having embraced the spirit rather than the letter i forget how to play with words.”

“measuring the infinitude of non-duality, he will loose his arrows throughout the world, those whom he will strike are the faithful ones, that which he will kill is their clinging to self.”

(reflection written by ani drubgyudma. quotes are from “the life of milarpa” translation by lobsang p. lhalungpa, p 93, 97, 105, 118, 153, 132)


4 thoughts on “inspirational word memories

  1. Thank you, Ani. As the suffering of age creeps in daily I hear/feel this deeply. I hope there is an arrow in Milarepa’s quiver with my name on it. Maitri,

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