Milarepa Instructs the Nuns

lotus buds appearing

The nuns then asked Milarepa how they might find their own way, beseeching him for further instruction. In reply Milarepa sang:

I pay homage to my Guru, the gracious one.

I pray you to vouchsafe me your grace-waves.

Pray help me, the mendicant, happily to meditate.


Though you children of the new generation

Dwell in towns infested with deceitful Karma,

The link of Dharma still remains.

Because you have heard the Buddha’s teaching

You now come to me,

And thus avoid going astray.


By constant practice of the Accumulation-of-Merits

You will foster an aptitude for devotion.

The grace-waves will then enter you,

While the corresponding and actual

Realization will grow.


But even if you do all this, it will help but little

If you cannot reach full mastery.

Having pity on you, I now give you this instruction.

Listen closely, my young friends!


When you remain in solitude,

Think not of the amusements in the town,

Else the evil one will rise up in your heart;

Turn inward your mind,

And you will find your way.


When you meditate with perseverance and


You should think upon the evils of Samsara

And the uncertainty of death.

Shun the craving for worldly pleasures;

Courage and patience then will grow in you,

And you will find your way.


When you solicit the deep teachings of the Practice,

Do not long for learning, nor to become a scholar,

Else worldly actions and desires will dominate;

Then this very life will be thrown away.

Be humble and modest,

And you will find your way.


When the various experiences come to you in meditation,

Do not be proud and anxious to tell people,

Else you will disturb the Goddesses and Mothers.

Meditate without distractions,

And you will find your way.


When you accompany your Guru,

Do not look upon his merits or demerits,

Else you will find mountains of faults.

Only with faith and loyalty

Will you find your way.


When you attend holy meetings

With brothers and sisters in the Dharma,

Do not think of heading the row,

Else you will arouse both hate and craving,

And offend against the Precepts.

Adjust yourselves, understand each other,

And you will find your way.


When you beg for alms in the village,

Do not use the Dharma for deceit and exploitation,

Else you will force yourself down to the lower Path.

Be honest and sincere,

And you will find your way.


Beyond all else remember, at all times and all places,

Never be overweening, nor of yourself be proud,

Else you will be overbearing in your self-esteem

And overloaded with hypocrisy.

If you abandon deceit and pretense,

You will find your way.


The person who has found the way

Can pass on the gracious teachings to others;

Thus she aids herself and helps others, too.

To give is then the only thought

Remaining in her heart.

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