“To Achieve Buddhahood One Must Practice”

milarepa “…to achieve Buddhahood one must practice…

[Megom said] “For the rest of my life all I need is my Guru’s instructions. I have made up my mind, and sworn, to remain in hermitages all my life.”

[Milarepa said] “…one must have the determination to meditate alone…” “

“…Then on the eve of his departure to meditate in solitude, Megom asked the Jetsun to give him a teaching, effective yet easy to practice. The Jetsun replied, “Great merits have grown in me since I practiced these instructions. You should also follow them. Now listen to my song:

I, the Yogi Milarepa, see the Essence

By gazing nakedly up It!

I see Beyond-playwords, clear as the sky!

By letting go, I see Reality;

By resting at my ease, I realize

The voidness of all and everything.

I relax, relax, and come to the Self-Realm;

I let go, let go, and in the flow of Awareness

The pure and impure become one!

Because I search for nothing,

Thoughts and ideas are all cut off;

The perils of Samsara are thus forever crushed!

Since I realize that Buddha and my mind are one,

I no longer wish for accomplishment!

As the sun disperses darkness,

When Realization dawns upon one

Klesas and Nhamdogs vanish by themselves!

“…As instructed…he (Megom) went to a hermitage and meditated there alone…who [in his lifetime] helped many well-endowed humans.” (100,000 Songs of Milarepa, p403-406)