Prayer Flags & Paths

Last week Mary Lawrence of Canton NY spent a day with Venerable Ani Drubgyudma. The wind was blowing strongly, while additional prayer flags were hung for the blessings of all sentient beings!


Facilitating a safer and easier walk through the forest, Mary continued the work of developing the path to the practice camp.



“To Achieve Buddhahood One Must Practice”

milarepa “…to achieve Buddhahood one must practice…

[Megom said] “For the rest of my life all I need is my Guru’s instructions. I have made up my mind, and sworn, to remain in hermitages all my life.”

[Milarepa said] “…one must have the determination to meditate alone…” “

“…Then on the eve of his departure to meditate in solitude, Megom asked the Jetsun to give him a teaching, effective yet easy to practice. The Jetsun replied, “Great merits have grown in me since I practiced these instructions. You should also follow them. Now listen to my song:

I, the Yogi Milarepa, see the Essence

By gazing nakedly up It!

I see Beyond-playwords, clear as the sky!

By letting go, I see Reality;

By resting at my ease, I realize

The voidness of all and everything.

I relax, relax, and come to the Self-Realm;

I let go, let go, and in the flow of Awareness

The pure and impure become one!

Because I search for nothing,

Thoughts and ideas are all cut off;

The perils of Samsara are thus forever crushed!

Since I realize that Buddha and my mind are one,

I no longer wish for accomplishment!

As the sun disperses darkness,

When Realization dawns upon one

Klesas and Nhamdogs vanish by themselves!

“…As instructed…he (Megom) went to a hermitage and meditated there alone…who [in his lifetime] helped many well-endowed humans.” (100,000 Songs of Milarepa, p403-406)