temple empty mountain – ssukungshan

empty temple mountain 2

past the lakes and swamps I journeyed

with the moon on my shoulders I reached Ssukung

where a cloud patch holds my robe together

and the snow fills me up when I’m hungry


Hui-k’o – The Second Patriarch of Ch’an

Record of the Masters of the Lankavatara Sutra

Translated By Red Pine


Becoming a Luminous Exemplar of the Dharma

“Becoming a Luminous Exemplar of the Dharma”

Having great shame, subdue the self with utmost
determination and astuteness.
Instantly control the mind of conceit, instantly
illuminate the Dharma.
Use great compassion to uplift people, act with utmost courage.
By deep aspiration and a great pledge,
profoundly manifest the Buddha.

Don’t let the ego-self conquer body and mind.
Liberate oneself from body and mind, and see the Buddha’s mind.
When the Buddha’s mind is clearly seen,
one’s own mind becomes luminous and peaceful.
Deeply practice the Buddha path, deeply understanding cessation.

Have no wealth for private ends, no sense of privacy,
no selfish ambition.
Develop a mind that has no limits, no ceiling, no time frame.
Firmly practice these six no’s and generate
the Samantabhadra vow.
With wisdom steadfast, compassion gentle, stand erect
as an exemplar of Dharma.

Appreciate merits, revere wisdom, wisdom transfers merits.
Accumulate wisdom, utilize merits, merit helps wisdom.

Dharma Verses by Venerable Master Jen Chun 2002