Special Days in June 2017

6/09/2017 (Friday)

Anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni’s Enlightment & Parinirvana (the 15th of the 4th month)

On June 9th, 2017, it is the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni’s Enlightment and Parinirvana.  

We also would like to suggest you to recite Buddha Shakyamuni’s mantra and ‘The Praising of Buddha’s Twelve Deeds.

It is said that the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied 100 million times on this special day, so practice is strongly advised.

6/21/2017 (Wednesday)

The first day of Summer

We would like to suggest you to read The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo-The Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra“.

We appreciate Gampopa Vajrayana Buddhist Center for the reminders of these auspicious dates. May all sentient beings benefit.